My Story

Do you have a long commute?

A family? A full-time job?

Do you juggle any or all of these while trying to study for a certification exam?

Do you wake up every day promising that you will set time aside to study for the exam? Life gets in the way, and eventually, at night you lay in bed exhausted, stressed, and guilty that you are no closer to your goal of passing the exam.
With two kids under the age of three, a sixty hour work week, and bills to pay I was still trying to study for the CISSP exam. I knew when an opportunity for promotion opened up I would not get promoted without a CISSP, although I was doing better
a job better than anyone else.
So in a way, as each day went by without studying, I felt like I was not getting any closer to my goal and dream of passing the CISSP exam. I always had a good reason for not studying, but in my heart, I knew that this was a bullshit “good reason.”
Maybe you can relate?
I was frustrated and wanted to give up, “Maybe this was just not for me.” Then again, giving up on a dream was also not me.
I decided to give the CISSP exam one last shot and set a ninety-day deadline and passed in the first attempt.
I will share my study plan and roadmap with you and show you how to study for and pass the CISSP and other exams. I will also answer your questions on review courses, labs and anything that is getting in your way of certification exam studies. How to reflect your security experience on your resume. Interview prep etc.
No matter where you are in your career journey, I may been there and may know how you feel.
I write this blog because I did not find a roadmap or game plan to study for and pass certification exams or cybersecurity career insights in the market.
This blog is based on my experience, grind and is a real depiction of what studying for the certification exams look like. It is not made to scare or discourage you.
So that you know, I am not a master instructor teaching students for the past twenty plus years.
I am a mom, a spouse, a professional working for a Fortune 15 company, a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and have passed many professional exams.
If I could do it, so can you!
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Niloufer Tamboly, CISSP, CPA, CISA

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this page are my own views and not those of my employer. This is my personal blog. Thank you.