Is there a way to improve CISSP Exam Score without studying? I found the below five study tips improved my CISSP Score and I am sure it will work for you.

#5 – Get Proper Sleep:

You will be able to recall facts and concentrate the two traits required for the CISSP exam when you have a good sleep the night before.

#4 – Prepare Early:

To perform well on the CISSP exam prepare early instead of trying to cram information at the last minute. You will feel well prepared and will be in a better frame of mind much needed for the exam.

#3 – Pace Yourself:

The CISSP exam is a three-hour exam with 150 questions or 100 questions now with the Computer Adaptive Testing. At the end of the first hour based on the number of answered you have completed adjust your pace. You may need to speed up or slow down. Doing this early on will assure you that you will complete the exam on time without rushing.

#2 – Take a Break:

The clock for the exam will continue, and there is no break. However, you need to schedule at least one 5 minute break to energize your brain and use the restroom. Have a little snack. This will help you focus better on the task ahead instead of continuing non-stop for three hours.

#1 – Read all four answers before you read the question:

Read the four answers provided before you read the question. Why? with the CAT format of the CISSP exam you will be under pressure because you cannot review or come back to the question again. Clam down and read the four answers, one or maybe two of those questions may standout as you read. Now read the question and because you have read the answers you will be able to better understand and shortlist the answers.

I wish you all the best with your CISSP exam. Let me know what has worked for you and also if the above study tips helped you improve CISSP exam score.