CISSP Exam Study Tip – CISSP Exam

An easy CISSP exam study hack to add at least an hour to your CISSP exam studies.

The day has passed you are driving home from work and realize that you did not study for the CISSP exam. You had decided to study at least two hours on week days, or else it is going to take studying for CISSP exam forever.

You can’t be missing all the important milestones in your kids’ lives studying for the CISSP exam. Your study schedule has at least 10 hours during weekdays and you can’t get those hours in, no matter what.

When I started preparing for the CISSP exam I started with a plan that once I finished studying and felt “prepared” and “confident” I would schedule my CISSP exam. After all it cost so much and so I could not afford to fail.

Every day I came back from work tired I felt the day went by and I did not study.  This went on for quite a few weeks, the only days I could get studying was on Friday’s and weekends. My progress was slow and I hated it so much. I had to find a CISSP exam study hack.

Study Every Day 

I had to find a way to study every day, so I decided to study during my lunch break at work. What could go wrong?

One meeting ran into another and I barely had time to buy lunch bring it to my desk before the next fire that I needed to fight. Before I knew the day was over and it was time to go home. The next day the same story.

I came home tired after spending at least an hour in traffic, sometimes more.

One day as I was coming back I realized that if I could somehow find a way to study during my commute, it would be perfect.

But how? I had never tried to study with audio as I liked reading and making notes.

I decided to read out and record my notes. As I studied on the weekend, I wrote down everything that I needed to know cold and was afraid that I would forget. I recorded them and saved them by domain. The next week as I drove to work instead of listening to music and news, I was listening to my notes.

Now when I came home even if I was stuck in traffic for over an hour I felt great as I had completed my studying for the CISSP exam for the day. Once I got into the groove of studying, I came home and before going to sleep I started to practice at least 30 multiple choice questions.

I had just discovered a way to add two hours to my CISSP exam study time per day. I could so easily blend my studies in my daily schedule that I felt for once that I was closer to preparing for my CISSP exam.

I hated to listen my voice every day and so I knew that I had to put in as much time as I could studying so that I could go back to listening to music and news that I liked so much.

Every day as you go to work, either driving or by public transport, make studying for the CISSP exam into your daily schedule.

Let me know how you have managed to add study time to your busy day. Did you like my CISSP exam study hack?