Professionals preparing for the CISSP exam often ask, how much does it cost to study for the CISSP exam?

The short answer is that the CISSP Exam costs a lot. However, look at the value that having a CISSP credential brings and decide if it is worth pursuing based on your current situation and career path. Do you need the CISSP credential because not having it costs you? Not getting the raise, not qualifying for the job? Is not having the CISSP credential getting in the way of you enjoying your career and life?

The way I look at the cost of studying for the CISSP exam is by breaking it down into:

CISSP Exam Hard costs: 

Cost of the exam, practice tests, review course, and books.

CISSP Exam Soft costs:

Cost of time spent studying for the exam.
The cost for the exam is  $699.00 which is a 6-hour exam (will change to 3 hours from 12/18/2017). The price of a review course is between US $2500 to US $3500. Books cost about $200 and another US $150 for practice exams. To study for the exam, you will have to set aside approximately 150 to 200 hours.

To the above, I will add the cost of coffee and Red Bull or your beverage of choice. In the end is it worth spending so much studying for the CISSP exam? I will say YES. It is totally worth it. You will need to decide for yourself, but as you are reading this, I assume that you are interested in the information security field and a seriously considering studying for the CISSP exam. So my advice to you is Just Do It!

The benefits of the CISSP exam far outweigh the costs of the CISSP exam. Passing the CISSP exam will open many doors for you as it did for me. The CISSP is still the gold standard for security certifications and worth having.

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