CISSP Endorsement Audit

CISSP endorsement audit – now what? 

You completed your CISSP application had it endorsed and now are waiting for your CISSP certificate; instead you get an email informing you that your application has been selected for an endorsement audit.

You do a search on Google to figure out if this is a hoax and realize that this is real.

CISSP endorsement audit – next steps

You want to know everything about the audit and what you need to do to get your CISSP certificate at the earliest.

(ISC)²  selects a random number of application that are submitted for an endorsement audit. There is nothing to be alarmed or worried about. To maintain the reputation of CISSP as the gold standard of security certifications (ISC)²  conducts these audits.

Send in the documents and information requested at the earliest to avoid any delays. If for any reason you will be delayed in sending any document, reply and explain your reason and provide an estimated time when you will furnish the document.

Treat the request for documents / information as urgent because if cannot provide the necessary information you will forgo your right for endorsement and will have to re-take the exam.

Communicate any change of address proactively and make sure that your correct email is on file.

Once you get the email for audit make a list of the details that you need to provide and that you will need to get from your sponsor or employer etc. Track this list so that everything is provided timely.

Gather all the information and send it out and now wait for your CISSP certificate.

Let me know if you have any questions related to your CISSP endorsement audit.

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