About me

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πŸŽ“ - MBA in Security Assurance

πŸ”– - Certifications

  • CPA - Accountancy
  • CISSP - Information Security
  • CISA - IT Audit
  • CFE - Fraud Prevention
  • CIA - Internal Audit
  • CDPSE - Privacy
  • Open FAIR - Risk Quantification

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» - Work

  • Verizon - IT Audit, Fraud Operations & Risk
  • Samsung (Harman) - IT Audit

πŸ”” - Patents

  • Establishing An Alternate Call Path Using Short-Range Wireless Technology
    • Patent Issued Jul 12, 2016 Patent issuer and number 9,392,523
  • System For And Method of Generating Visual Passwords
    • Patent Issued Oct 27, 2015 Patent issuer and number US 9,171,143 B2

🀝🏼 - Volunteer

  • Cofounder - Step Up Skill and (ISC)2 New Jersey Chapter
  • Organizer - CISSP & CCSP Exam Study Group

πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ« - Part-time lecturer

  • Rutgers University

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What my students say

quot student

Professor Tamboly invited multiple guests to class to share their experiences working in the IT world in order for us to get deeper understanding of real job duties, processes, and overall experience of an IT professional. I’m really thankful for that because that has encouraged me to look into different IT fields and has helped me with my intellectual growth.

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Having no knowledge of cybersecurity I started the course and now I can communicate in this beautiful language. I am grateful.

Professor Tamboly cares deeply about student success both in the classroom and our careers afterward.

Professor Tamboly delivered the course material effectively which was very easy to understand. I really like that she is very open when it comes to helping students, explaining the course material, and is very accessible after hours.

quot student

Professor Tamboly is able to give us insider knowledge on how to better prepare ourselves for the future. She mentions different tasks to ensure that we are all able to do everything that we enjoy doing with technology.

She encouraged me to reach out to her on LinkedIn and maintained my already developed interest in going into cybersecurity career field.

She gave me a very good understanding of Information Security and her lectures were very interesting. I am considering a career path in Cybersecurity.

I liked the research paper we had to write and I really appreciated how it was broken up into 3 different parts. It made it so that we still had to complete research on a topic in order to write a good paper but it was done in a non overwhelming way that made the process much more enjoyable.